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A 30-day trial is included for all installations of CookieTractor. Thereafter the service is charged yearly with card payment (Visa/Mastercard/American Express). No payment details are required to start a trial. 

The service is charged per main domain crawled for cookies. The cookie modal can be implemented on subdomains to the main domain, and these can also be crawled for cookies free of charge. 

The plan needed depends on the number of pages on the website. If unsure, Google "" to get an estimate. If the website has a large number of pages of the same type underneath a specific URL structure, where new cookies are not set, these can be excluded for crawling.

Web­site Pages Yearly
1 main domain 5 000 pages €250
1 main domain 15 000 pages €400
1 main domain 50 000 pages €600
1 main domain More than 50 000 pages Contact us

25% discount on all instances for 4 or more main domains.

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Add-on services

Data delivery within the EU

By default, CookieTractor uses a CDN with local servers worldwide to ensure fast loading times. Organizations may have requirements that data may never pass outside the EU. As an add-on, we have a CDN solution that fulfils these requirements. 

The additional cost for this service is +20% on listed price plans. 

Partner program

We have a partner program for resellers of CookieTractor. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a CookieTractor reseller.